for the love of hula, Polynesian culture, and dance from a real island girl and her 'ohana (family)
~ Let us bring the islands to you ~
My name is Lisa Noelani Robbins and I am the Director and Dance Instructor for Polynesian Dance Studio located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  I offer demonstrations, lessons, and special events in Hampton Roads and in Richmond and surrounding areas.
I also teach Polynesian dancing to keiki (children) via Kinderhula. I also offer lessons and special events in sewing, Hawaiian quilting, and more via 'Ohana Arts Studio .  
I have been dancing for fun since I was 2 years old and I have been dancing hula since I was 4 years old. The basics were first taught to me by my mother who was a professional hula dancer. 
Polynesian culture is full of protocols in which you do everything from your heart and with respect. This is what I teach and perpetuate.
Polynesian Dance Studio not only provides instructional classes and performances, but also an educational and cultural experience for all students. 
I love my culture and I am proud to be part Hawaiian. I am honored to share my culture with Hampton Roads. I grew up in Hawaii. Hula and music is my heritage. 
I am the Hampton Roads' Ambassador of Aloha. :]  King David Kalakaua stated, "Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people..." I continue that heartbeat. My mission is to perpetuate authentic Polynesian culture and traditions through education and dance.  As a native to the islands, I also strive to perpetuate the aloha spirit.
Please be careful when you choose to enroll in hula and Tahitian classes. You may or may not be taught the correct steps and protocol of our ancient dance forms taught through generations. An authentic Polynesian dance teacher needs to have many years of training and education.  I offer authenticism and I also offer an innovative Fitness Hula class using proper steps and motions using correct Hawaiian hula and Tahitian dance moves.
Polynesian Dance Studio guarantees an authentic dance and cultural experience.
 If Polynesian Dance Studio classes are not convenient for you and your child, please contact me for a referral to find someone who is certified and knowledgeable about Polynesian dancing.
Why choose Polynesian Dance Studio?

* 'Ohana (family) comes first -  We encourage family-friendly activities and offer classes and events for all ages.
* Our missions are to perpetuate the legacy of my ancestors and to perpetuate artistic and cultural legacies in our community. 
* Quality instruction  My goal is to teach the art of authentic Polynesian dancing and share our culture. We do not teach or perform interpretive or diluted dance techniques. We offer authentic dancing and performances for a real island experience.
In our Kinderhula and Polynesian Dance Studio classes, my students will learn Polynesian culture and  they will learn to appreciate the art of dance.  You will develop coordination and experience the gift of telling a story through dance. Polynesian dancing is fun, educational, and great exercise!
You/ your child will learn correct pronunciation and terminology, how to use dance instruments (which will be supplied), learn authentic and correct Polynesian dancing techniques from a real islander, and overall have a genuine cultural experience.
* The director/ head instructor is patient, caring, and safety-minded. I am a mom to 5 children. I also have had background searches via Girl Scouts, Newport News parks and rec, and York County parks and rec. I also maintain current first aid and cpr certification. Safety is number one with me.
* We offer unique services : hula, sewing, and more all under one roof!
* You will receive personalized attention. You will have direct contact with the director and owner and all classes are small and personalized.

* We have affordable tuition for classes and reasonable fees for authentic, professional entertainment.
* Opportunities are available for showcasing your talents. Community performances and an annual ho'ike (recital) are available to my dance students.
Please call me at 757.369.0996  or please email me at  for more information, to register for a class, or to book an event.  Mahalo!
Polynesian Dance Studio is an 'ohana (family-) based studio.  It is my life. I am dedicated to the arts and make it my profession. We are now located in the Mariner Building across Christopher Newport University. Our address is 12388 Warwick Blvd., Suite 112, Newport News, VA 23606.
A hui hou! Until we meet again! (Hawaiian)
Haere maru! Take care! (Tahitian)
Mahalo (Thank you),
Lisa Noelani Robbins
Nana I Ke Kumu
(Look to the Source)

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